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Once a lively village on the mountain side
Now fully shattered by a huge land slide
All there is left is a brown hill
Rocks and mud all around
The scene is truly shrill

Some places, the ground gives way when I step on it
What am I standing on?
Was this once a home?
Either way, it’s now covered by grit

The wind changes it way
What is that smell?
I know, but I don’t want to say
It smells like hell

When the smell hits me, so does a ray of reality
A notion of what has taken place
Of what is now here
Torn up clothes all over the place
The owners may be near

There’s an old woman near the horrid scene
Sitting on the ground of her motherland
No one is left, there is only mud, rocks and sand
She cries her heart out, how can the world be so mean?

Rain, sprain, pain
Unlike most people here, I love moving in the rain
To them it’s a great distress
A nasty source of illness
They seek shelter and stare as I walk by, as if I were insane

Like I said, I truly love moving in the rain
But there’s something about it I don’t like
The occurrence of many a dike
Mud puddles are hard to pass on a slippery road which isn't plane

Last week, I had an unpleasant experience moving in the rain
I was trying to cross a huge tarn
Listen closely, I’ll tell you the yarn
I gathered the speed and tried to skip
I made it across, but indeed I did slip
Let me just give you one little tip;
If the tarn is too big and the ground slippery on the lane
Please just stop
Don’t try to hop
It’ll turn out a flop
You can really trust me
I’ve done it, you see
There’s nothing to gain
Except for a sprain
And a whole lot of pain

See me, hold me, love me

A new year has now really begun
A compound full of new kids who run
They’re coming directly from the street
They’ve got plenty of needs for us to meet

Some of them are oh, so, small and sweet
Caring for them is actually like a treat
Having a cute little person on your hip
Holding your hand in a tight, trusting grip

But at times, it is just too much
Too many children crave your touch
They all try to capture my attention
Hitting, holding, crying; there’s constant intervention

They make ear-splitting noise, screaming to make me see
They need someone to “see me, hold me, love me”
I do understand, but at times I wish they’d let me be

But I’ll have to be patient and try to endure
It will pass in a week or two, I’m sure
They simply have an immense need of attention, love and care
And for the coming weeks, I’ll try to provide by just being there

The guests eat first

It’s a costume in most countries for the guest to be served first
Before any body else can drink, the guest must quench his thirst
The guest eats alone, while all others sit and stare
Too much attention whilst eating, I really don’t think it is fair
I feel somehow out of place
As if I take up too much space

When I am served the finest food
I don’t feel happy like I should
It’s like they’re putting me above
Leaving themselves down below

Yet, I know it is not so
So I’d better not fight it, just go with the flow
I’ll have to start supervised, in solitude
It is their custom, to refuse would be rude

Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, a looovely da-a-ay

Oh, what a lovely day
All troubles took wings and flew away
My shoe tore on the way down the street
But I still had one, it was kinda’ neat!

No stepping on sharp things or knocking stones
No screams, no moans, no groans

And my, oh my, I can hardly believe my luck
For just one little second my foot got stuck
While trying not to fall, the broken shoe escaped my grip
Little did I know that this was a really fortunate second blip

Right next to where I almost fell
There was a man with services to sell
Services in shoe repair
He fixed my shoe right then and there

If I’d not stumbled the second time and seen him
The long, long journey could have been grim
Instead I walked on overjoyed, with a smile on my face
This feel-good will suffice for days!

Evening walk

The evening is dark and cold
We walk hand in hand
I am anxious, you are bold

Little girl, so quiet and serene
Of what do you ponder?
Do you think that I’m mean?
I could have taken you inside
Let you escape reality
For tonight I could have let you hide

But the morning would come too fast
Reality would catch up
The safe and happy state wouldn’t last

Down a jagged road, our hands intertwined
Soon you’ll walk the perilous roads alone
I will stay safely behind

The shade of a little girl quickly fades out of sight
You’re moving in the darkness now
Disappearing into the night