lørdag 30. januar 2010

Whoopsi daisies!

In our pre-course, we were warned that we’d become careless after some time in our new settings. They said that after spending much time in our new settings, we’d start letting our guards down and something bad could happen. I thought; “I will not do that, come on, I’m a reasonable girl. I won’t let my guard too far down. I won’t care less.” And even now, I stick to the “not caring less”-part. But I think I showed the children that I cared in a way I that shouldn‘t have. These sweet little children really got to me, and I cared so much. I just wanted to give them all the love and trust I could. The same applied to the two other volunteer girls in CRO. When all three feel like that, this is what happens;

Three naive girls, sharing a space
It’s their office, supposedly a safe place
And these three girls love showing trust and grace
To see that a young boy feels trusted when you look at his face

Three naive girls sharing a great deal
And, oh, how great sharing makes you feel
Trusting ex-knick knackers will truly make them heal
Trusting them alone in an office with plenty of things to steal

Three naive girls realized, as they should;
That trusting someone way too much, really isn’t good
When taking something small from you can give his dear ones food
The young boy that you trusted so, he did the best he could

Three young girls, not so naive anymore
Being restrictive with their stuff
No longer over-tempting the poor
Three girls knowing a little better that this world is really tough

The kids are not to be blamed. It’s like putting a Norwegian kid alone in a candy shop and expect it not to sample the sweets. And even though it’s a bummer to have people you trust steal from you, it all worked out for the best. We’ve upgraded our office-security and know that we shouldn’t put poor and desperate people in such tempting positions again. Yet another handy lesson learnt! Thanks, Mr. -------! ;)