lørdag 6. mars 2010

Could've been

This song makes so much more sense to me now, after staying in Uganda for five months and realising how different realities one can face in this world. Seeing how tough conditions the children I work with live in. It is scares me to think about how it would have been to live like they do. Living in such hardship. Luckily for me, it is not. However, I do not think that it is mainly because someone loved me, and did not love these people.The main reason is that they were born in Uganda, while I was born in Norway. It is so fundamentally unfair that this one thing has got so much to say for ones life. Nobody can decide where to be born, we have any impact on that at all. Nevertheless, it is what decides that it could’ve been me, and at the same thing makes sure that it is not me. It is also the same thing that makes it so that it is them…
You should sit down and listen to this song and praise yourself lucky that you are in a position where it could’ve been you, yet it is not.

Kirk Franklin - Could’ve been
It could’ve been me
With no Clothes or shoes and nothing to eat
It could’ve been me
Without your loving, tell me where would I be?

Could’ve been
Me in the cold wind
Everything gone
No house, no job
Outside and alone
Trying to look around
Where would I go
Can’t somebody help me?
Tell me what do I do

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