onsdag 4. november 2009

A well-earned tribute

I've written a couple of blogs since I came here. They've given an impression of what life is like in Uganda. However, when I thought of what I'd written, I realised that I'd left out a vital part. The thing I assign this tribute to is actually a very big part of my everyday life. Marthe and I have even made a lovely piece of art in honour of this marvellous thing. I am of course, for those who know me, talking about food. But not just any food. I'm talking about the Chapatti!


We started out quite lightly, but as time went on, the most of our garbage consisted of Chapatti-wrappings. Out of curiosity, we decided to count how many we have every month. Therefore, we've made a lovely list that's situated on the door of our living room. We've got pens stuck to the door to make the notation less troublesome. The blue lines are the ones we've bought; the green ones are our own attempts to make the dish (not quite so heavenly).

The fascinating thing about the Chapatti is that it's like the potato; it can be used for anything! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, snack, picnics. It's grand anyway! You can have it with cinnamon and sugar, avocado and tomato, banana, Nutella (yes, my dear ones, I've found Nutella!) or you can take it plain.
It's amazing either way. I know this might look very silly compared to many of the other things I've written about. Nevertheless, it's me; a food blog was unavoidable!

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  1. You really make me miss the chapatis. Have you advanced to the rollex yet? They are not very good at it in Mbale, but if you bring eggs, onion, tomato and cabbage, they will probably make a rollex for you in the Namatala market.